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Let us enable the disable

Sri Lankans battled a war for over thirty years, many lives were lost, many more lives were left forever changed by it. Over 14,000 war heroes lost their limbs, leaving them disabled. At our foundation, Sahodarathwaye Piyasatahan, we stand up for the people that cannot do it themselves.

Please take a moment to learn about our cause, to make a contribution that will give our men a chance at life.

Information about the product

The ‘Live Flex’ flexible artificial limb was created in 2005. Received patent rights in 2005 for this invention. Won presidential awards in the same year as best creative product in the year. In 2008 established Artificial limb (Foot) factory and rehabilitation unit at Nagoda, Kalutara.

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Motive for creation of this product

One of my friends lost a limb (Foot) during the war at Chavakachcheri (Northern Province) of Sri Lanka during the Civil war. As a disable he was compelled to seek assistance from others to attend his day today work. His helplessness struck me deeply and I started thinking of way to help him to overcome difficulties he was going through. I observed actions of people in day to day life. With the technical knowledge and skills I possess, I was able to produce first sample of artificial foot in 2005. Since then I have produced large number of artificial legs for humans and animals. We are producing advance artificial limbs compared the products available in the market, and we improve our products continuously.

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Sahodarathwaye Piyasatahan – Foundation

The 57th Donation of Customs

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Artificial limbs donation

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Artificial limbs donation

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Artificial limbs donation

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Artificial limbs donation

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Artificial limbs donation

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Project of “JEEWAYA”

Sahodarathwaye Piyasatahan – Foundation

Project of “JEEWAYA”
Stage 01
Project of “JEEWAYA”
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Project of “JEEWAYA”
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Project of “JEEWAYA”
JEEWAYA Exhibition

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සමාජ සත්කාර

වන්නෙමු පිහිට – මැතිදුණි ඔබ අසරණයන්ට.. වේවා දීර්ඝායූෂ – මවු බිම රැක ගන්නට..

885 / 886 හා 887 වන පියසටහන් පරිත්‍යාගයයි.. 885 / 886 හා 887 වන පියසටහන්[…]

කිරි මවක් සදහා කෘතීම පාදය ලබාදුන් අවස්ථාව

කිරි මවට ආදරය කල ඇයව රැක බලා ගත් ගම්වාසීන් විසින් තවත් #ආබාධිත#මවක් වෙනුවෙන් #කෘතීම#පාදයක් ලැබීමට[…]

883 වන පියසටහන් පරිත්‍යාගයයි..

2020/10/07 දින පරිත්‍යාගශීලියෙකු විසින් ආබාධිත මවක් සදහා කෘතීම පාදයක් පරිත්‍යාග කරන ලදී.පරිත්‍යාගලාභියා- ආර්. ඒ. තිලකවති[…]




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