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About Us

Sahodarathwaye Piyasatahan - Foundation

Founder’s Journey

With the demise of my father at the age of 7 as I remember I had to take full responsibility of my self and my family at a very young age when we were living in Walgama a small village in Matara Sri lanka. At a very early age I started working while pursuing my studies at a nearby garage and managed my family and my education and eventually sat for my Advanced Levels in the commerce stream. With the 30-year brutal terrorist war Sri Lanka faced my close associate who was a soldier lost a leg as a front liner in the Sri Lankan Army. I was very upset with the hard ships and challenges he had to face after his leg was amputated his disability even took away his love affair he had and this made him become more distressed and I also had to face this tough time together with him and I was saddened to see my friend in this situation and he had to face severe hindrances in all his day to day activities which he once was doing freely as a normal individual and life became hard for him andI was very saddened about my friend and his situation he was facing due to the loss of his leg. I couldn’t bare this anymore to see him struggling with life that once he lived well. Eventually. I got this magnificent idea by using the little mechanical knowledge and experience I gathered while working at the garage, to invent a leg for my friend to enable him and get him back to cope up with his day today work as a normal individual would do and I achieved it and I even made sure that the limb I invented would not appear as an artificial limb and managed to make it as natural as possible looking like a normal limb of a human. This also gave me a turning point in my life to define my capabilities as well and understand my talents as an inventor. With this new invention I pursued to help all the individuals who have lost limbs in the brutal 30-year war Sri Lanka was going through and change lives of the people who have lost their limbs in the world due to other reasons and enable them to re live their life as a normal individual.

I first came to Colombo with my invention along with a water bottle and resided in a temple pursuing a dream to make my product available to every individual who have lost their leg and see them relive their lives as normal individuals and make My country stand out in the field of prosthetics with my invention. Today as a Sri Lankan I am humbled to see my invention recognized and receive awards locally and internationally.  Today I am proud to say that I am the only sole manufacturer of prosthetic limbs in Sri Lanka and have enabled people to relive their lives even after the loss of a limb.

With out a doubt I am happy to say that even though I face challenges from lower performing prosthetics that are imported to Sri Lanka I have survived my journey to ensure that one day I will be able to stop imports of prosthetics to Sri Lanka and save our money from being sent abroad which will strengthen our economy and I also want to see My Mother Land as a landmark in the field of prosthetics with my invention which has been awarded at global events of inventions. My determination is to use my talent and contribute to the people of Sri Lanka and help uplift the Image of my country with a few more globally recognized and acceptable inventions that will up lift the living condition of the people.

My Inventions

  • My first invention was a Live Flex Artificial leg working with a mechanical device, which functions based on an individual’s height and weight. This product is proven and tested and has no side effects and it almost looks like a natural leg with the calf and toes like a normal individuals leg even the outer look is natural with nails and skin colour, including blood vessels.
  • Automated rail gate solar powered with light and bell. This was tested on a daily basis for six months with an approval by the Railway Department. This is my second invention, which was highly taken and accepted by the general public as well.
  • Automated rail gate solar powered with light and bell. This was tested on a daily basis for six months with an approval by the Railway Department. This is my second invention, which was highly taken and accepted by the general public as well.
  • A device that can be fitted into walker frames and clutches which gives more flexibility, grips and less damage to the individuals using the clutches or walker frames, this unit can be fixed to any clutches or walker frames used by disabled individuals around the world.

International Awards

  1. Special prize at the exhibition of new invention fair 2009 Seoul, South Korea.
  2. Among 148 competitive countries silver medal for 35th international inventions 2007 Genève.
  3. Bonze medal for exhibition  of new invention fair 2009 Seoul , South Korea.

Sri Lankan Awards

  1. Presidential Award for invention 2005 1st place presidential awards ceremony 2007 for new artificial & flexible leg.
  2. Engineer Kulasinghe Award for the best inventor for the year 2007.
  3. Dasis awards for the best overall inventor of the commercialized invention category, National invention exhibition 2012.
  4. Gold medal in the commercialized inventors category under class of medicine – Surgery orthopaedics material for the handicapped.
  5. Recognition of the economic contribution made though the invention 2012 Artificial leg.
  6. ‘’Susewabimani 2014’’ western province ‘’Social Hospital Week’’ contribution of this worthy course awarded by Kalutara Divisional Secretariat to inventor Aruna Samarawickrama.

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