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Founder Message (Vision & mission)

Sahodarathwaye Piyasatahan - Foundation

Massage from Our Founder

We firmly believe differently abled are special community in our world. We also firmly believe differently abled person is not different from any of us and should be able to lead a normal active life like all of us in the community.

Our vision is to enable the disabled so they can become a part of the normal community rather than belonging to a special community.

More than 35,000 of our brothers & sisters, irrespective of their community have lost their limbs as a results of 30 years of war and in addition there are people who have lost limbs due to diabetics, cancer, accidents and even due to birth effects, our movement is to enable all this personal by providing artificial limbs, through both local and foreign donors and enabling all of them.

Our ultimate goal is to remove the world ‘’ Disability’’ from our community. Please join with us.

Aruna S.Samarawickrama
Footprints of Brotherhood Foundation

Our Story

‘Footprints of Brotherhood Foundation’

Information about the product

The ‘Live Flex’ flexible artificial limb was created in 2005. Received  patent rights in 2005 for this invention. Won  presidential awards in the same year  as best creative product in the year. In 2008  established Artificial limb (Foot) factory  and rehabilitation unit at Nagoda, Kalutara.

Motive for creation of this product

One of my friends lost a limb (Foot) during the war at Chavakachcheri (Northern Province) of Sri Lanka during the Civil war. As a disable he was compelled to seek assistance from others to attend his day today work.  His helplessness struck me deeply and I started thinking of way to help him to overcome difficulties he was going through.  I observed actions of people in day to day life. With the technical knowledge and skills I possess, I was able to produce first sample of artificial foot in 2005. Since then I have produced large number of artificial legs for humans and animals. We are producing advance artificial limbs compared the products available in the market, and we improve our products continuously.

Footprints of Brotherhood Foundation

Sri Lankan Well-wishers living in abroad and in the Island who came to know about my virtuous effort, wanted to donate their mere donation. As I didn’t want to keep donations in my personal accounts and wanted to dedicate such funds solely for production of artificial foots for those who cannot afford to buy them, I registered “Footprints of Brotherhood Foundation” in 2009.